The hit Turkish drama show from TRT, Ertugrul Ghazi, is now available in Urdu, dubbed by PTV | Pakistan Television Limited.

As Halime’s father slowly recuperates, Suleman continues to be ill with a small bruise/cut that is getting worse. He tells his wife not to tell anyone about it. He also says there are plenty of ‘snakes’ in the tribe who would want nothing more than to see things go south.

A jirga takes place with all the tribal leaders with Suleman heading it. Tribal leaders complain to Suleman that their cattle is starving and as winter nears (they are currently camped between mountains), they will have to move. Suleman states that there is enough food and supplies and the trade has gone well so they don’t need to travel. However, others continue to argue that they must move. A leader also suggests that the Mongol power has lessened but Suleman refutes this. Gundogdu suggests that they send an ambassador to Halab in order to allow them to move there.

Suleman Shah is confronted by Kara Tolgar who demands that Suleman Shah releases the prisoners because the Kayi tribe has killed Bisol. Suleman Shah refuses and things go from bad to worse for Kayi tribe.


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